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Molex Releases USB Smart Modules to Assist Connectivity Within Vehicles

Hong Kong, China, October 16, 2017 / - Single port and dual port modules allow for fast charging in automotive and
commercial vehicles.

Molex has merged automotive-grade durability with mass availability on its line of USB Smart Charge Modules. Manufactured specifically for customers’ automotive and commercial vehicles that require a smart-charge USB module, Molex products feature state-of-the-art design to give users maximum performance. Along with their unique design, USB Smart Modules were created to fit into limited space, making them the ideal fit for a wide spectrum of vehicles, ranging from farm equipment and trains to cars, trucks and SUVs.

“USB Smart Charge Modules are a market leader by virtue because they are automotive-grade smart chargers that are available as a standard product. It is rare to find that combination,” said Shella Ali, global product manager, Molex. “These products provide a solution to our customers who need a reliable and sturdy off-the-shelf USB smart-charge module. Any automotive or commercial vehicle manufacturer in the market for an affordable, smart-charging USB module backed by years of manufacturing quality improvements and expertise will benefit from having this Molex solution.”

The USB Smart Charge Modules are available in both single port and dual port models. Outside of the number of ports, the two models are nearly identical. Each features over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection for safety. Both models also are equipped with a 2.4A output current, a battery operating voltage of 9 to 16V, and can operate from temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C. Additionally, each have an automotive-grade USB and are compliant to Apple MFI.

Molex USB modules are perfect for customers looking for a safer and better performing charger within a less intrusive product. These modules have been given an automotive grade and feature a higher output current than their market competition, while taking up less front panel space in a vehicle.

For more information about USB Smart Charge Modules, please visit
About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

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Molex is a registered trademark of Molex, LLC in the United States of America and may be registered in other countries; all other trademarks listed herein belong to their respective owners.


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Nordic’s nRF52840 multiprotocol SoC is now Thread certified and enables simultaneous Thread and Bluetooth 5 connectivity for the first time

Hong Kong, China, October 12, 2017 / - Nordic’s nRF52840 System-on-Chip (SoC) with 'Dynamic Multiprotocol' feature uniquely supports concurrent Thread and Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity (eliminating the need to disconnect from one network before connecting with another). This capability also ensures any Thread product based on the Nordic nRF52840 SoC and Nordic nRF5 SDK for Thread is seamlessly interoperable with Bluetooth 5 devices

Nordic Semiconductor announces that its latest multiprotocol SoC, the nRF52840, which supports both Bluetooth#174; 5 (Bluetooth low energy) and IEEE 802.15.4 (the foundation of the Thread networking standard together with the OpenThread stack) is now Thread 1.1 Certified. The nRF52840 SoC passed all Thread certification tests while supporting Bluetooth 5 connectivity to a central device. The tests demonstrated the nRF52840 SoC’s capability to support applications that concurrently use Thread and Bluetooth 5 wireless networks (eliminating the need to disconnect from one network before connecting with the other).

Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC is the only multiprotocol SoC on the market that offers this concurrent Thread and Bluetooth 5 support. The capability is enabled by the SoC’s Bluetooth low energy and Thread ‘Dynamic Multiprotocol’ feature (see below) which allows simultaneous support of Nordic's S140 v5 SoftDevice (the Bluetooth low energy protocol stack for the nRF52840 SoC and part of Nordic's nRF5 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Thread) and the OpenThread RF protocol stack. OpenThread is the first open-source Thread-certified implementation of the Thread networking protocol, released by Nest Labs, and to which Nordic Semiconductor actively contributes RD expertise.

For developers, this means that any wireless sensor or product that employs a Nordic nRF52840 SoC can now not only quickly and easily gain Thread Certification, but also be interoperable with (and be commissioned, controlled, or managed by) a Bluetooth v4.0 (and later) wireless technology device, benefiting from both wireless technologies at the same time.

"In operation, the nRF52840 can effectively work as a bridge between Thread and Bluetooth 5 networks, and can communicate with, for example, both a smartphone over Bluetooth 5, and a Thread wireless sensor, enabling data to be exchanged between them without going via the Cloud," says P#228;r H#229;kansson, a Product Marketing Manager at Nordic Semiconductor.

"What's more, although this isn't a truly simultaneous connection, Nordic's RD teams have engineered the process to be so quick and seamless that developers can consider it as practically simultaneous when designing their applications. Better yet, all the 'heavy lifting' to support this connectivity is hidden within the lower-level drivers of the Nordic S140 v5 SoftDevice eliminating the need for developers to have to worry about it."

Thread was designed to create the best way to connect and control products where people live and work. The protocol includes robust security (smartphone-grade authentication and AES encryption), low power battery-friendly operation, reliability, scalability, and support for a developer-friendly IP-based (IPv6 with 6LoWPAN) mesh networking.

The non-profit Thread Group states that it is focused on making Thread the foundation for the IoT in the home and beyond by educating product developers, builders, and consumers on the unique features and benefits of Thread, while ensuring a positive experience through rigorous, meaningful product certification. Prime home IoT target applications for Thread include: home automation, appliances, access- and climate-control, safety, lighting, healthcare, and security systems.

“Nordic Semiconductor continues to be a valuable and committed contributor to OpenThread,” comments Jonathan Hui, Technical Lead and Original Architect of OpenThread at Nest. “And the expeditious path of nRF52840’s Thread certification is a testament to the benefits of OpenThread’s open-source approach, portability, and optimized footprint.”

“Nordic Semiconductor has been a long and active participant in the Thread Group and is making meaningful contributions towards helping Thread deliver on its potential,” adds Grant Erickson, President of the Thread Group. “We're very pleased to see Nordic introduce their Thread-certified nRF52840 SoC to satisfy growing demand for low-power, IP-based mesh networks such as Thread, which seamlessly connect hundreds of devices to each other, to mobile devices, and directly to the cloud, without compromising battery life.”

“We see Thread as one of the leading wireless technologies currently emerging in the home IoT space,” comments Geir Langeland, Nordic Semiconductor's Director of Sales Marketing. “That’s why we’ve decided to strategically invest our world-leading ultra-low power wireless RD expertise into contributing to the development of the OpenThread software stack while ensuring our nRF52840 multiprotocol SoC became Thread 1.1 Certified in addition to its full Bluetooth 5 certification. Home IoT product developers now have access to a powerful SoC, based on a proven architecture, that supports the most complex Bluetooth 5 and Thread IoT applications.”

About Dynamic Multiprotocol

The nRF52840 SoC supports Bluetooth low energy, IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread), and other RF software protocols. Previously, Nordic’s nRF5 SDK for Thread implemented a switching solution for multiprotocol support of Bluetooth low energy and Thread. A switched solution for such support operates by disabling the operational protocol before activating the other protocol. The technique is simple to implement but is unable to support concurrent protocol operation.

The latest release of Nordic's nRF5 SDK for Thread (version 0.10.0) addresses that downside by introducing a Dynamic Multiprotocol solution for concurrent operation of Bluetooth low energy (Nordic’s S140 v5 SoftDevice (Bluetooth low energy RF protocol stack)) and Thread (OpenThread protocol stack).

The Dynamic Multiprotocol ensures the radio hardware’s operational time is shared between the protocols – ensuring both remain connected. Transmitting and receiving data using one protocol does not interfere with the other link during concurrent support.

Nordic’s firmware automatically looks after the time-sharing between protocols. The developer is freed-up to code the Bluetooth low energy functionality of a multiprotocol application as if it was solely leveraging Bluetooth low energy, and the Thread part of the multiprotocol application in the same way.

About nRF52840

About nRF5 SDK for Thread

About Thread Group

About OpenThread

About Nordic Semiconductor ASA


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Fujitsu Hong Kong Awarded Standing Offer Agreement to Supply IT Professional Services to the Government of HKSAR

Hong Kong, China, October 11, 2017 / - Fujitsu Hong Kong Awarded Standing Offer Agreement to Supply IT Professional Services to the Government of HKSAR

Sustaining the 4 years of support to the Government of HKSAR on IT outsourcing services as a shortlisted contractor since 2013, Fujitsu Hong Kong is proud to announce that it has entered into a Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) with the Government of HKSAR for another 4 years.

"We are honored to be recognized for our excellent services as one of the shortlisted contractors to serve the government, this enables us to continue our aspiration to serve the public sector," said Leo Ng, General Manager, Sales Marketing, Fujitsu Hong Kong. "We strive to support the government with our state-of-the-art technologies and team of best-in-class professionals, realizing our commitments to co-create a better society for the community in the future.”

Under the SOA-QPS4, Fujitsu will contribute to pre-implementation and independent programme/project management services (Category 1); on-going services (Category 2 – Major Service Group); and implementation and combined system development services (Category 3 – Major Service Group). The agreement period is effective for 48 months from July 31, 2017.

During its engagement with the Government of HKSAR under the previous SOA-QPS3 beginning in 2013, Fujitsu was among the top 3 service providers, having secured contracts with a cumulative value of over HK$90 million. Fujitsu Hong Kong was involved in a total of 20 projects including Network Support Services of the Office Automation System for Lands Department, System Maintenance and Support of Web-based School Administration and Management System for the Education Bureau, Data Conversion of Digital Traffic Aids Drawing for the Transport Department, among others.

Notes to editors:
1For Categories 2 and 3, IT projects are classified into Minor Group and Major Group. IT projects in the Major Group cover those with work assignment value over HK$3 million but not exceeding HK$15 million. For Categories 1 and 4, there will be no subdivision into Groups and the work assignment value shall not exceed HK$15 million.


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New “Art in MTR” Exhibition Spreads the Message of Love Through Paintings and Photos by Talented Lady with Autism

Hong Kong, China, October 11, 2017 / - Love can overcome hurdles and break through limitations. Starting from today (11 October 2017) to 8 January 2018, customers passing through MTR Sheung Wan and Sai Wan Ho stations can enjoy 16 inspiring and touching photos and watercolour paintings by Ms Chang Man-yan. Diagnosed with autism when she was one year old, Ms Chang aims to promote love and equality, and to give hope to those with special needs through her works displayed at the “Art in MTR” exhibition entitled “Love Light Me Up”.

“Sitting still to draw is easy for most people. But it took me many years to achieve this after various treatments and training. Since then, I have discovered my interests in photography and painting. I definitely hope the public will, through the feelings I shared in my artworks, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and feelings of those with autism,” said Ms Chang. “The unconditional love and encouragement from my parents and those who have shown their love and support, act as a shining star guiding my path,” she added.

“By showcasing Ms Chang’s passion for the arts, we hope to expose the talents of people with special needs, who deserve the respect, love, attention and opportunities as everyone else in the society,” said Ms Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

MTR Corporation offers space at different MTR stations for temporary art exhibitions under the “Art in MTR” programme to promote artistic talent and the public’s appreciation of art. Interested artists and organisations may call the MTR Hotline on 2881 8888 to enquire, or submit their proposals directly to the MTR Corporation.

– End –


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Software AG Ranked a Leader in Streaming Analytics: Strengthens its Focus on Industrial IoT

Hong Kong, China, October 9, 2017 / - Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today announced the company was cited as a leader in a recent independent report — “The Forrester Wave#8482;: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2017[1]”— for its Apama Streaming Analytics Platform. The report is targeted towards ADD (application development and deployment) professionals who are “looking to enhance or build applications that sense, think, and act in real time”.

The report, principally authored by Mike Gualtieri, noted: “there is no stopping Apama to become the real-time engine for digital transformation that extends all the way from the factory floor to direct customer interactions … Software AG customers include Bosch, Deutsche Post DHL Group, HSBC, and Octo Telematics.”

Software AG recently made several significant moves that it believes contributed to the company’s highest possible score in the strategy category, including:
#8226; The acquisition of Cumulocity along with the integration of Cumulocity’s IoT offering with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform into a broader offering called Cumulocity IoT, an Industrial IoT platform offering a choice of SaaS, PaaS, Edge and on premise deployment. This new IoT platform comes with pre-configured solution accelerators that enable enterprises to quickly and painlessly get started with IoT. Key features of Cumulocity IoT include industry leading device, cloud enterprise integration – streaming and predictive analytics – improved strategic IoT scenario planning (including modeling the impact of IoT on existing business processes)

#8226; The acquisition and integration of Zementis, which provides software for “Deep Learning”, a key capability in machine learning and data science, and a fundamental technology driving “Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence” development. Machine learning as well as Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence are the key technologies for building smarter, next-generation IoT applications and are key competitive capabilities for building responsive organizations. To accelerate time-to-insight, Zementis provides rapid operational deployment of predictive models – from basic statistical algorithms to complex predictive models and deep learning capabilities – for mission-critical applications such as risk scoring, fraud detection and predictive maintenance.

#8226; Continued development and innovations of MashZone Nextgen visual analytics, Terracotta In-Memory Data Management and enrichment for streaming content, and Universal Messaging that is used for high-speed, reliable messaging across a broad range of protocols and APIs.

According to the Forrester report, “Software AG’s Apama continues to be a broadly applicable and perennially capable streaming analytics platform. With its recent acquisition of Cumulocity, Apama deeply extends its reach deeper into industrial IoT (Internet of Things) use cases by providing device management, digital twin, and other connectivity-oriented services.”

Moreover, Software AG added to their Internet of Things offering with the formation of a new strategic alliance with DMG MORI, D#252;rr, ASM and Zeiss to establish ADAMOS as a global standard for machine tool and plant engineering equipment firms. The alliance plans to attract other Machine Tool and Mechanical Plant Engineering Equipment vendors to join the Alliance globally.

In the manufacturing industry, the potential for connected Machine Tool and Mechanical Plant Engineering Equipment to improve productivity in the production process and the supply chain is vast. By creating global standards and processes, manufacturing equipment can more easily be connected, managed, and made smarter to drive the fourth industrial revolution (or Industrie 4.0). The strategic alliance will develop the ADAMOS platform – an open, non-proprietary, fully customizable platform that brings together the most up-to-date IT technology and industry knowledge.

Dr. Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG, noted: “We believe this report validates our approach in leveraging the powerful Apama Streaming and Predictive Analytics capabilities in our Digital Business Platform as well as in the Cumulocity IoT platform; however, we did not stop there and brought in key industry expertise and knowhow with the formation of the ADAMOS alliance. The new ADAMOS standards will especially help small to mid-sized Machine Tool and Mechanical Plant Engineering Equipment vendors as they align with global norms and practices of larger manufacturing firms. Most importantly, these firms will be able to confidently share data and access proven software solutions that will be available to everyone.”

Anneliese Schulz, Vice President, Software AG Asia, shared “Asia Pacific’s IoT market is expected to reach 8.6 billion connected devices by 2020 and 86% of companies in the region will have some form of IoT in place by 2019. The capabilities of our Apama Streaming Analytics enables customers in the region to glean real-time insights from the plethora of data, rapidly streaming in from IoT devices, to provide new value to their businesses. We remain committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive product portfolio to prepare them for the digital future.”

Apama’s Streaming Analytics is fundamental to enterprises deriving maximum knowledge, value, contextual insights, and competitive advantage from the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT). Continuous analytics on streaming data can be performed to identify business patterns, which have happened or are about to happen. Apama supports distributed architectures and runs in the cloud, on-premises, and, due to its small hardware footprint, at the edge. Visualizations and visual analytics for business users support both human-oriented and automated intelligent actions.

The Apama Streaming Analytics Platform is a core module of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, an integrated set of powerful technologies, capabilities and methodologies for managing a digital transformation and for reshaping business designs that enable an enterprise to be more data-driven, customer-obsessed, hyper-connected and super-agile. The Digital Business Platform is offered in the cloud, as a service, on premise, or in a hybrid configuration.

The report is available here.

[1] The Forrester WaveTM: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2017 by Mike Gualtieri, September 7, 2017


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Molex Adds Sealed Versions, Additional Plating Options to its Compact Mini50 Connector System

Hong Kong, China, October 9, 2017 / - Molex has added three new terminals plus the Mini50 sealed connector following the launch of its highly popular Mini50 Wire-to-Board Connector System. Designated as TAK50 terminal, CTX50 unsealed gold terminal, and CTX50 sealed terminal, these new terminals enable vehicle manufacturers to take advantage of miniaturized interconnect systems in both interior (unsealed) and exterior (sealed) applications.

“Manufacturers are adding more electronic features to their vehicles in areas such as infotainment and safety. This extra functionality is driving Molex to extend the available devices within the space saving Mini50 series”, said Jeremy Stout, group product manager, Molex. “With the sealed variants especially, device manufacturers can now take advantage of the compact form to enable the ever growing range of exterior features that their customers are demanding.”

The new Mini50 sealed connector features a rounded shape for through hole harness routing and a vertical independent secondary lock (ISL) that is shipped pre-assembled, thus reducing the number of individual components. Approximately 50% smaller than the USCAR 0.64mm interfaces, the 0.5mm automotive approved Mini50 connector system’s range addresses a growing demand from vehicle manufacturers for smaller components solutions due to the growth in on board electronics and installation space restrictions. The new models also provide reduced overall harness weight savings by allowing wire-harness customers to crimp and process smaller wire gauges versus traditional 0.64mm terminal systems.

Ideal for applications such as infotainment and body control lighting modules, the new TAK50 terminal from Molex features a two beam design and is AK blade and cavity compatible. Environmentally tested and validated to GMW3191 (2012) with temperature ratings of 85#186;C to 105#186;C and LV214 (2010) featuring 105#186;C and 130#186;C, the TAK50 terminal accepts 0.13mm#178; to 0.35mm#178; cables.

Offering superior performance over equivalent competitor products in areas such as contact engage and disengage force, crimp interface and current rating, the TAK50 terminal benefits from a pin alignment feature for connection accuracy and an anti-stub feature. The new variant can also be used in areas around the vehicle that require interconnects that are able to cope with high vibration.

The CTX50 unsealed female terminals are now available with a gold option for low current, safety, and high mating cycle applications. They are also ideal for deployment in corrosive environments. Accepting cable sizes of 0.13mm#178; to 0.35mm#178;, CTX50 gold terminals, as compared to 0.64mm alternatives, deliver the benefit of weight and space savings, better conductivity, lower insertion force, and are more resistant to oxidization.

Molex has also developed a sealed variant, namely the CTX50 sealed, IP68 without optional back shell and IP69 with optional back shell, for use in exterior vehicle electronic systems that are liable to encounter moisture. Available in either tin or silver plating, the new terminal accepts 0.95 to 1.4mm#178; diameter cables. The polarization of the cable is achieved by terminal shape, thus maintaining seal integrity and the service and/or probe holes are distinct from the mating pin hole to ensure the risk of accidental insertion is minimized.

For more information about Molex, please visit

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

Molex Resources:

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Media Alert: Adobe Transforms In-Car Experiences Through Data-Driven Personalization

Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2017 / - New Analytics, Content Delivery and Advertising Capabilities Help Advance Connected Car From Voice to Driverless and Beyond

Hong Kong — 28 September 2017 — Cars have an untapped potential for consumer engagement, considering that U.S. consumers spend an average of 55 minutes each day behind the wheel. As the ecosystem of connected, in-car services grows – stemming from advancements in voice interfaces, self-driving technology and infotainment system apps – consumer interest and expectations are on the rise. Auto makers and branded apps are being challenged to deliver seamless and personalized digital experiences for both drivers and passengers without sacrificing safety.

To advance the in-car experience Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced new automotive focused analytics, personalization and advertising capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud that give brands the ability to deliver unique consumer experiences. For auto makers and in-car app developers, customer data across various touch points can now be leveraged to inform different types of content including personalized playlists, on-route recommendations and audio ads. The 10 largest automakers in the world already use Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver customer experiences, and Adobe is working with these brands along with ecosystem players like Automotive Grade Linux project to advance new digital in-car capabilities.

“In the automotive industry, in-car digital services are opening up new revenue sources and pushing brands to become true experience businesses,” said Amit Ahuja, vice president of Emerging Businesses, Adobe Experience Cloud. “With consumer expectations at an all-time high, content has to be informed with data insights to satisfy individual preferences. As car rides transform into immersive, personalized digital experiences, Adobe gives brands the tools to be exceptional no matter where they engage the customer.”

New connected car capabilities in Experience Cloud include:

#8226; Understanding Drive Time Behavior: Adobe is extending its measurement capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud so brands can begin to capture behavioral signals in the car such as voice interactions. Merged with customer data from other channels, these insights will drive truly personalized experiences. For example, a recommendation service could deliver a fast food restaurant promotion based on location data and known preferences. With AI and machine learning in Adobe Sensei, brands have a better pulse on user behavior through automated analysis and recommendations. If a voice interaction failed and forced the driver to use the touchscreen for example, brands can be notified and improve the experience.

#8226; Delivering Personalized In-Car Content: Data insights can be optimized and actioned through solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Experience Manager lets brands design, manage and serve contextual and engaging experiences such as music or news content on in-car screens. Adobe Target allows brands to perform and optimize different content variations in the car while Adobe Campaign gives brands a delivery platform for in-car messages in any format enabling regular one-on-one personalized engagement with drivers and passengers. A car maker could deliver a tailored audio message for a new and customized lease offer, for example.

#8226; Serving Targeted Audio Ads: As top digital radio and streaming music apps continue to be added to the in-car experience, Adobe Advertising Cloud offers targeted buying of audio ads as part of its cross-channel offering. Advertisers can further personalize in-car audio ads using first-party data as well as a listener's favorite artists and music genres. And once a driver hears an ad, marketers can retarget audiences across other channels – including video, display, social and search – to drive message recall and conversions.

Helpful Links
#8226; Adobe Digital Marketing Blog
#8226; Learn more about Adobe Experience Cloud
#8226; Learn more about Adobe Sensei


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“Art in MTR” Exhibition Showcases Diversified Potential of Students with Special Educational Needs at MTR Central Station

Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2017 / - Passengers will be able to enjoy a series of diversified artworks in a new “Art in MTR” exhibition near Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station from this Sunday (1 October 2017) to 31 October 2017. Entitled “36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled Diversified Potential Development Project Art Exhibition”, the exhibition takes passengers to explore the world of a group of students with special educational needs (SEN) through their art creations.

Organised by the “36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled”, the exhibition themed as “Flying High with Art”, is divided into four zones to showcase students’ artworks ranging from paintings and sketches to ceramics and three-dimensional creations. “’The Diversified Potential Development Project’ with art as its theme is newly added to the scholarship this year to offer encouragement to students from special schools. Through the exhibition, we hope the public can appreciate the efforts involved in the creation of these amazing artworks,” said Mr Daniel Ng, spokesperson of the 36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled.

“We are delighted to provide an art venue for the exhibition to support this meaningful cause. The exhibition not only unleashes students’ art potential, but also gives recognition to their remarkable efforts on continued learning as well as pays tributes to their teachers and parents who have been supporting them in overcoming various challenges in their school life,” said Ms Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

The “36th Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled Diversified Potential Development Project Art Exhibition” is the latest art exhibition under the “Art in MTR” programme under the Community Connect platform of MTR Corporation. “Art in MTR” has been a popular platform for aspiring artists, designers and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community. The objective of this programme is to enhance passenger’s travelling experience through easy access to different art elements including live performances, short-term art exhibitions and permanent displays of art pieces.

– End –


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Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2017 / - Dimension Data’s WAN optimisation solution provides operational savings and enhanced service delivery

Hong Kong, 27 September 2017 – Dimension Data, the global ICT solutions and services provider, was recently appointed by the largest life insurance company in Asia to redesign its IT environment. This included an upgrade of its data centre backbone connectivity, as well as an implementation of a WAN optimisation solution.

The organisation delivers a broad range of insurance services across 21 operational branch offices, supporting up to 17,000 agents and over 3 million customers. However, its network speed was constrained as the backbone of its data centre was still reliant on a limited 1GbE network. This led to higher maintenance costs to maintain optimal network performance, increasing the overall annual link costs between their data centre and disaster recovery centre.

Dimension Data Malaysia addressed the insurance provider’s business challenges by proposing a WAN optimisation solution. This included upgrading the data centre backbone connectivity to 10GbE, increasing the organisation’s network coverage and range along with strengthening the network’s security with a firewall.

“Our previous network constantly suffered from severe downtime despite us spending a significant sum on maintenance costs”, said a spokesperson for the organisation. “Dimension Data’s solution helped us to achieve our long-term goal in business efficiency. With Dimension Data’s established track record and expertise in networking and managed services, our organisation’s network refresh has been a seamless and successful experience.”

The implemented 10GbE network data centre backbone has improved the organisation’s networking speed by ten folds, and provided its customers with 20% faster access to its business applications. Driven by enhanced service capabilities and data centre backbone access, the insurance provider is also enjoying up to 20% savings in WAN link costs. The refreshed network is also equipped with new, stronger security capabilities for an assured e-business application experience.

“As organisations continue to grow and support an increasingly large user base, connectivity should not be taken for granted to avoid an IT nightmare,” said Henrick Choo, Managing Director of Dimension Data Malaysia. “We are glad to have supported our client in meeting their networking needs by providing sound consultation advice and implementing a solution that addressed our client’s pain points.”

– ENDS –

About Dimension Data
Dimension Data harnesses the transformative power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group, we focus on digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, cybersecurity, and network as the platform. With a turnover of USD 7.5 billion and offices in 58 countries, we deliver services wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. Accelerate your ambition.

In Asia Pacific, we operate in 35 offices across 13 countries. We help clients enable technology, operate their IT infrastructures and transform technology solutions that deliver value. It combines an expertise in networking, security, customer experience (CX) and collaboration, data centre and end-user computing, with advanced skills in IT outsourcing, IT-as-a-Service, Systems integration services and training.


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Citybeacon selects Zytronic to create ‘Smart City’ hubs in The Netherlands

Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2017 / - Zytronic, a leader in custom designed, durable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT#8482; and MPCT#8482;) touch sensors and Citybeacon today announced the deployment of 25 interactive kiosks in Eindhoven, cradle of Dutch technology giant Philips, and of the Eindhoven University of Technology, one of the world’s leading technical universities.

Eindhoven is an energetic and innovative city located in the South of the Netherlands. A quarter of the jobs in the region are in technology and ICT, and it is one of the co-location centres of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It has welcomed the very first deployment of Citybeacon kiosks.

“Citybeacon was designed to connect the physical and digital worlds; as connectivity and interaction feature in our everyday lives, and the way in which people engage with each other and information, we decided to unify this into one solution,” said Arthur van de Poll, founder and CEO of Citybeacon. “By applying multiple technologies to street furniture, we can create a smarter, safer and healthier environment for everyone. We are especially excited that our first deployment is in such an iconic technology city.”

Working closely with OCP Solutions, developers of public outdoor communication products, Citybeacon was designed to help make cities smarter. “Blending state-of-the-art connectivity with intuitive touch screens enables visitors and residents to access relevant information about the city and local businesses, and experience their surroundings,” said Marius van Lith, CEO of OCP Solutions B.V. “We’re enabling cities to become smarter by combining a range of technologies that are scalable for the future in one unit, and the key to interacting with users is through a rugged 32” touch screen. The user experience is very important, and it was vital that the interface would provide a reliable all-weather, responsive and durable solution that reflected the qualities of Citybeacon. Zytronic’s local partner, Telerex, supported us with the selection of components, and recommended their ZYFILM#174; interactive foil for the touch solution.”

Telerex arranged for samples of the rollable ZYFILM, “They are inexpensive and easy to transport, plus once laminated to glass are stable and reliable in a wide range of environmental conditions, performing well through the locally sourced toughened glass substrates which are used to protect against potential vandalism,” said Bertram Padmos, Account Manager at Telerex. “The initial design of the 32” ZYFILM was altered slightly to integrate fully with the design, electronics and placement of buttons within the unit, which was possible thanks to Zytronic’s highly flexible manufacturing process.”

ZYFILM from Zytronic is a flexible, polyester touch film incorporating their patented multitouch technology, and is designed to be laminated to the rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate. Once applied, it is capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points through an overlay of 10mm thick or more.

The Citybeacon features a 32” ZYFILM based touch display , enabling easy access to local information, ,and directions The system also incorporates NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth based payment and mobile hand-off technologies so users can take advantage of local services such as parking and carry information to and from the kiosk. Two double sided integrated large advertising screens at the top of the unit also share information such as public service announcements and local business promotions. Air quality, UV and audience sensors provide advanced analytic data, while energy saving smart lighting adjusts to current conditions, and cameras allow public spaces to be monitored. Microphone and camera enabled full VOIP communication connects with emergency services, and free Gigabit WiFi and small cell 4G and 5G ready antennas improve coverage and connection for the sharing of information. To round things off, users can also download a free mobile app which allows users to carry the Citybeacon experience with them.

For more information, please visit:

About OCP Solutions

OCP Solutions develops and supplies (interactive) Outdoor Communication Products for the public space for the purpose of information, signage and advertising. Our people have years of experience and know exactly what requirements must be met to guarantee a hassle free lifetime at minimal cost for over 10 years; also in extreme conditions. For more information, please visit:
About Citybeacon

Citybeacon is reshaping the urban canvas as we know it by implementing intelligent multi-purpose street furniture powered by an open, scalable platform. You can help build @

About Zytronic

Zytronic Displays Ltd internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks and gaming machines as well as by industrial and medical OEMs. The company’s success rests on its patented and highly durable touch sensing technologies, which can be provided in custom designs of 85” and beyond.

In addition to its manufacturing and RD centre in Newcastle, England, Zytronic has sales offices in Taipei, Tokyo, Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and a worldwide network of representatives and distributors. For further information please visit


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