Expected KOSPI 2610~3600… Korea’s March Presidential Election Super Large Variables [2022 신년특집 – 새해 투자 기상도]

The securities industry “will be higher than last year’s high of 3305”

Breaking away from ‘box skin’, ‘top and bottom’ and ‘top and bottom’ are mixed

US interest rate hike and inflation global risk

New mutations in Corona also affect the direction of the US-China conflict

Semiconductor cycle trough and uptrend elasticity variable

Cryptocurrency with high volatility, optimism and pessimism coexist

Positive proponent: Bitcoin will break through $100,000

Reasons for superior performance compared to other assets

“If the stock market correction continues, it will affect cryptocurrency

If large-cap stocks such as Apple and Tesla are sluggish, they will move sideways”

The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) situation is also in its fourth year.…

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