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[Foot Ban Order]News: Today, 50 new confirmed cases in Yau Ma Tei, Sham Shui Po, etc. may be listed as “designated test areas” (Second Edition)
[Green Finance]Bloomberg: The government plans to issue a new batch of green bonds at the earliest next week
MSCI reportedly will release a new version of the index will retain sanctioned Chinese stocks
Market trend:
[3:00]The night term closed at 29,512 points, up 51 points and 64 points higher.
[23:10]The Nasdaq rose, the Hang Seng Index night futures reported 29446 points, down 15 points.
[22:32]China Resources Beer issued positive profit alert, expecting to earn 50% more last year and cooperate with Rundi to develop China Resources Snow Beer
[22:30]The three major U.S. stock indexes tumbled. The Dow fell more than 200 points, and the Hang Seng Index fell 102 points to 29,359 points, a low of 89 points.
[22:00]New Oriental earns 13% less in the mid-term. Since September last year, the business began to return to normal
[20:57]Songdu Service: On the 5th of the listing, the controlling shareholder involved in insider trading was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and emphasized that the company’s business is business as usual
[20:10]The Hang Seng Index night futures closed at 29,353 points, down 108 points and 95 points lower.
[19:32]ZTE’s net profit last quarter increased by more than 60% year-on-year
[19:10]China CITIC Bank earned 2% more last year and revenue increased by 3.8%
[18:45]Baidu said that after the Spring Festival, it has the opportunity to submit a listing application in Hong Kong and have the opportunity to IPO at the same time as Station B
[18:44]Shanghai Stock Exchange on the Science and Technology Innovation Board A-shares on February 1st Stock Connect is limited to institutional professional investors
[18:43]The Hang Seng Index fell 43 points overnight, 30 points lower.
[The hidden worry of the epidemic is now profitable and selling pressure is added to the stock answering session (watch now)]
[18:03]The Hang Seng Index night futures closed at 29,395 points, down 66 points and 53 times lower.
[16:10]The Hang Seng Index closed at 29447 points, down 479 points, and the transaction further shrank to 244.2 billion yuan. ATMX performed extremely well. Tencent (00700) and Meituan (03690) rose more than 1%; Alibaba (09988) and Xiaomi (01810) fell more than 3%. Chinese financial stocks fell, with the four largest Chinese banks falling by more than 2%; China Life (02628) and P&C Insurance (02328) fell by more than 4%; China Pacific Insurance (02601) fell by more than 7%.
[16:00]The Hang Seng Index fell 486 points to 29,441 points before U disk.
[15:33]China Life (02628) fell 4% in late market; Ping An Insurance (02318) fell 3%; P&C Insurance (02328) fell more than 4%; CPIC (02601) fell more than 7%. The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference today. Liang Tao, Vice Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and Xiao Yuanqi, Chief Risk Officer and Spokesperson, will introduce the reform and development of the banking and insurance industry in 2020.
[15:33]Credit Suisse 4 Reasons to Sing Good Sunny Sunny Raises Target Price to 273 Yuan
[15:13]The decline of Hong Kong stocks expanded to 500 points to 29427 points.
[15:00]Mainland stock markets developed individually. Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 0.4%; Shenzhen Stock Exchange rose 0.7%; ChiNext Index rose nearly 2.3%.
[14:43]Qihe Environmental Protection (00976) fell by more than 40% in the afternoon, breaking the bottom and reaching 0.176 yuan.
[14:33]WuXi Biologics rises 12% and breaks the top, Yamato expects to continue strong order demand next year, and target price rises to 135 yuan
[14:31]BYD (01211) rose more than 2% to reach a high of 256.2 yuan. Yamato raised BYD’s target price by 40 yuan to 290 yuan and maintained its buy rating.
[BYD stock price]Yamato is optimistic about blade battery capacity, IGBT spin-off raises BYD’s target price to 290 yuan
[14:25]Hong Kong stocks fell more than 400 points in the afternoon, and the Hang Seng Index fell 411 points to 29516 points.
[13:24]CNOOC (00883)’s decline widened to 6%, reaching as low as 7.72 yuan.
[13:18]Sunshine Energy (00757) stock price rose more than 66% in the afternoon, breaking the top and reaching 0.59 yuan.
[13:13]Xiaomi (01810) The drop narrowed to nearly 2.6% in the afternoon and reported 30.15 yuan. Xiaomi announced this morning that the sales of “Mi 11” exceeded 1 million units.
[Xiaomi stock price]Honor V40 announced, “Suppliers fully resume cooperation” Xiaomi stock price fell more than 3%
[13:05]The market’s decline narrowed to about 370 points to 29557 points.
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[13:00]Hong Kong stocks fell about 450 points in the early afternoon to report 29478 points.
[12:00]The Hang Seng Index fell 447 points in half a day to 29,480 points, with a turnover of 141.5 billion yuan. CNOOC (00883) was ousted by MSCI and its stock price fell by more than half; ATMMX developed separately, Alibaba (09988) and Xiaomi (01810) fell more than 3%; Tencent (00700) and Meituan (03690) bucked the market and rose more than 1% .
[Xiaomi stock price]Xiaomi 11 went on sale on 21st, sales exceeded 1 million units, but Xiaomi stock price fell 4%
[11:52]Hong Kong stocks fell 500 points.
[11:44]Hong Kong stocks fell nearly 450 points to 29480 points before the market closed at noon.
[11:42]HSBC (00005) fell more than 2% to as low as RMB 43.35; AIA (01299) fell more than 3% to as low as RMB 100.3.
[11:36]CNOOC (00883)’s decline widened to 50%, as low as 7.8 yuan.
[11:35]Chinese financial stocks fell, China Construction Bank (00939) and ICBC (01398) fell more than 2%; Bank of China (03988) and Agricultural Bank (01288) fell more than 1%. China Life Insurance (02628), a domestic insurer, fell more than 3%; Ping An Insurance (02318) fell more than 2%.
[11:30]Mainland stock markets developed individually. The Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 0.7% in the half-day; Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell 0.3%; the ChiNext index rose 0.7%.
[11:17]Hong Kong stocks fell more than 400 points, or 430 points, to 29,497 points.
[11:02]The Hang Seng Index fell about 250 points to 29,676 points.
[10:55]Hong Kong TV (01137) bucked the market and rose by about half to reach 16.38 yuan. Some reports quoted sources as saying that the government will block parts of Kowloon within this week, and that it will blockade the Yau Tsim Mong area and try to curb the spread of the new crown virus in the area.
[10:52]Alibaba (09988), the decline narrowed to 3.1%, to 250.6 yuan, which was as low as 247.2 yuan this morning.
[10:40]The Hang Seng Index’s decline narrowed to less than 200 points, down 180 points to 29747 points.
[10:32]WuXi Biologics (02269) rose 9%, breaking the top at 126 yuan; WuXi AppTec (02359) rose more than 11%, breaking the top at 204.2 yuan. WuXi AppTec announced that its net profit for the year ended December 30 last year will grow by 50-60% year-on-year, to between approximately 2.78 billion yuan and 2.67 billion yuan.
[10:25]The market’s decline was slightly settled. The Hang Seng Index’s decline slightly narrowed to within 300 points, down 296 points to 29,631 points.
[10:22]The decline of Hong Kong stocks widened to nearly 400 points to 29547 points, down 380 points.
[10:19]GEG (00027) fell nearly 3%; Sands (01928) fell more than 1%. In addition, MGM (02282) fell nearly 2%; Wynn (01128) fell more than 2%; SJM (00880) and Melco (00200) fell more than 3%. The Macau Novel Coronavirus Response Coordination Center stated that there was one newly confirmed imported case of novel coronavirus pneumonia today, the 47th in Macau, breaking the record of “zero” cases in the past 7 months.
[10:17]CNOOC (00883) was removed from the MSCI index, and its stock price fell more than 4% to as low as RMB 7.82.
[10:16]Transfer to Singapore’s Alibaba TikTok reportedly increase the office space in Sin Chew
[10:14]Xiaomi (01810) fell 3% and fell back to the 30 yuan level.
[10:11]Hong Kong stocks fell 300 points to 29,600 points.
[10:11]Alibaba (09988) The decline widened to 4%, reaching as low as 247.6 yuan.
[10:10]China Bolton (03318) gave up nearly 20%, as low as 5.8 yuan.
[10:08]The market decline expanded to more than 200 points, fell to the level of 29,700 points, and fell 216 points to 29,710 points.
[10:05]Bitcoin fell below the level of US$30,000, Huobi Technology (01611) fell more than 7%; Xiong’an Technology (01647) fell more than 8%; Boneng Group (01263) fell more than 7%.
[10:04]Sunshine Energy (00757) rose 46%, breaking the top to reach 0.54 yuan. Sunshine Energy announced that it will issue 180 million new shares to Shi Danhong, an independent third party, at 0.29 yuan per share, raising 52.2 million yuan. The issue price per share is approximately 18.3% discount to yesterday’s closing price, making Shi Danhong’s shareholding rise from approximately 1.26% to approximately 6.61%.
[09:57]China Rare Earth (00769) share price retreated more than 10% to a low of 0.67 yuan.
[09:55]Tencent rose more than 2% to try again 700 yuan, and more orders line up for shipment
[09:46]Qiming Medical (02500) discounted shares and the stock price rose by half, reaching as high as 88 yuan.
[09:45]Sihuan Medicine (00460) After breaking the top in the early stage, it reached a high of 2.32 yuan, and took 10% to a low of 1.66 yuan.
[09:42]Hong Kong stocks fell about 100 points in the early session, and the Hang Seng Index reported 29830 points.
[09:39]Alibaba (09988) fell 2.2% to a low of 251.2 yuan. According to mainland media reports, the Alipay insurance platform of Ant Group stated that it has transferred its operating entity from Ant Winshin (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. to Ant Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.
[Ant Group]Transfer of Alipay Insurance Platform to Insurance Companies Should Supervise New Regulations
[09︰37]Meituan (03690) 1.9%, Takami 382.4 yuan Niitaka.
[09:32]Polyda Assets (00208) resumed trading and rose by 50%, breaking the top to reach 1.43 yuan. Polytec Assets announced that Ke Weixiang, an executive director and controlling shareholder, proposed a privatization proposal of RMB 1.5 per share, which is a 61.3% premium to the closing price of RMB 0.93 per share.
[09:30]Smole’s profit alert, the market opens and rises again by 7%, Beishui rushes to buy into a major account holding positions increased to 7.5%
[09:20]The Hang Seng Index opened 118 points lower and opened at 29809 points. Tencent (00700) bucked the market and rose 1%, Alibaba (09988) fell more than 2%; CNOOC (00883) fell more than 1%.
[US Sanctions]MSCI ACWI and China All-Share Index will remove CNOOC ADR next Tuesday, which is 1.9% lower than Hong Kong
[09:13]Spot-month index futures opened at 29822 points, down 93 points or 0.3%.
[09:06]Qiming Medical (02500) placed a total of 18.0425 million new H shares at 80.08 yuan per share. The placing price is 2.6% discount to yesterday’s closing price.
[Allotment Tide]Qiming Medical’s allotment price is only 2.6% discount to the upper limit, raising more than 1.4 billion yuan
[09:05]The People’s Bank of China launched a RMB 2 billion reverse repurchase operation. As the RMB 2 billion reverse repurchase expired, it achieved zero investment and zero return on the same day.
[08:57]The Hang Seng Index fell 86 points to 29852 points during the black period. Dow futures fell 49 points to 31,033 points.
[08:20]Orient Overseas (00316) placed 11.4 million shares at a placing price of 81.8 yuan per share, an 18.2% discount to the previous day’s closing price of 100 yuan, and raised nearly 933 million yuan.
[Allotment tide]Orient Overseas raises 930 million yuan through 18% allotment
[08:05]Peijia Medical (09996) placed 33.8 million shares at 29.38 yuan per share, a 1.9% discount to the previous day’s closing price of 29.95 yuan, and raised 993 million yuan.
[Allotment Tide]Peijia Medical sells 33.8 million shares at a discount of 1.9% to raise nearly 1 billion yuan
[08:00]Tencent is reportedly considering a loan transaction to raise billions of dollars to acquire a potential gaming business, and is negotiating with the bank.
Tencent is reportedly considering debt financing for billions of dollars as a game business acquisition plan
[07:45]HSBC (00005) ADR equivalent to 44.11 yuan, down 0.24 yuan or nearly 0.6%; Tencent (00700) ADR equivalent to 685.57 yuan, up 3.07 yuan or nearly 0.5%. More ADR closing: ▼ Click on the picture to enlarge
[07:30]The three major U.S. stock indexes broke the top. The market looked forward to the new US President Biden’s implementation of the New Deal, speeding up vaccination and stimulating the economy. The benchmark index and the Nasdaq index hit a new record high. However, the Dow fell slightly by 12 points to close at 31176 points ; The standard index closed at 3853 points, up 1 point; the Nasdaq closed at 13,530 points, up 73 points.
The Hong Kong stock ADR closed at 29827 points, down 99 points or 0.3%. The Hang Seng Index night futures reported 29,862 points, down 53 points.
Dow fell 12 points, Hong Kong stocks ADR fell 99 points, U.S. exchange index fell 0.4%
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