Nov 16: Daily briefing on novel coronavirus cases in China

On Nov 15, 31 provincial-level regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on the Chinese mainland reported 22 new cases of confirmed infections (11 imported cases, 5 in Yunnan province, 2 in Shanghai municipality, 2 in Guangdong province, 1 in Zhejiang province and 1 in Sichuan province, including 2 confirmed cases converting from asymptomatic cases, 1 in Zhejiang and 1 in Sichuan; 11 indigenous cases, 7 in Dalian, Liaoning province, 2 in Heihe, Heilongjiang province, 1 in Chaoyang district, Beijing municipality and 1 in Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture, Yunnan, including 3 confirmed cases converting from asymptomatic cases in Liaoning), 1 new case of suspected infections (an imported case in Shanghai), and no deaths.…

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