Sold out Woolworths Bricks collectable trucks are now selling on eBay


As shoppers race to get their hands on the Woolworths Bricks collectables, the sold-out $10 trucks have emerged on eBay selling for as much as eight times the price. Customers are struggling to get their hands on the sought-after trucks - as many looking to make a quick profit attempt to resell the toys for up to $90 each. There are now more than 600 listings for Woolworths Bricks on eBay, ranging from a single $3 Bricks pack to a $300 full set of 40 collectables. The supermarket chain launched the promotion across Australia last week except for NSW and ACT where's it's delayed until September 22 due to Covid-19 restrictions. The add-on collectables - including the $10 'delivery' trucks and $15 'large' trucks - are now in high demand - as many revealed they are unable to complete their set after the toys sold out within days of launching. 'My Woolies sold out of the trucks and everything else on the first day. I can't find them anywhere,' one woman wrote. Another claimed: 'My mum saw a sign not long ago at a Woolworths store saying they are sold out of the small trucks statewide.' One mum added: 'The delivery trucks are sold out on the day of launch. I was getting my car serviced and they were sold out by the time I got there.' While another said: 'Sold out in two days, that's ridiculous. I know it's my own fault because I should've gone on the day it launched, but I can't believe they went so quickly. My kids are so disappointed.' It's understood the trucks were sold out after customers purchased the entire allotment within a few days around the country - excluding NSW and ACT who have a separate allotment. 'Despite ordering more associated merchandise to accompany this collectibles program compared to previous years, we've found that demand for some items, including the replica electric powered Woolworths delivery truck has far exceeded our expectations,' a Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. 'We apologise for any disappointment caused if customers find that any of the Woolworths Bricks delivery trucks has already sold out in their store or online. 'Stock of the Woolworths Bricks and the starter kits that help support the build of the replica sustainable Woolworths supermarket remains strong in all states and territories where the program is currently launched and will continue to flow to stores.' The toy range will launch in New South Wales and ACT from Wednesday, September 22 due to Covid-19 restrictions. 'The delayed start in NSW and ACT means our team can continue to focus on ensuring they meet the needs of the community, particularly across Greater Sydney, where there continues to be elevated demand for food and everyday essentials,' Woolworths Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Hicks said. Last week, Woolworths hinted at a 'rare' collectable. According to the store's terms and conditions, one rare Bricks pack will join the set. The supermarket is yet to release details and pictures of the rare collectable - but it's understood there will be more than 400 packs circulating around Australia. The supermarket's collectables made headlines news last year after a shopper tried to sell the 'world's first' complete Disney+ Ooshies set on social media for $25,000. In 2019, customers attempted to cash in on the rare 'furry Simba' from the Lion King Ooshies set on eBay, with bids fetching up to $100,000. The rare collectable comes just days after a shopper urged customers to buy all the add-on accessories early after she noticed an increasing amount of parents struggling to complete their previous collectables set amid an apparent shortage. 'If I can give everyone a warning, it's to buy all the accessories you need in the first day or two to avoid being disappointed and missing out,' she wrote on Facebook. 'Obviously only buy what you need but every promo I see so many mums desperate to get their hands on cases that have already sold out. 'We know these things sell out quickly, so if you think your kids are going to love it then grab what you need. I've been left short before and it wasn't fun.' Shoppers will be able to collect Woolworths Bricks no matter how they choose to shop - via Pick Up, Direct to Boot, online home delivery or in store. Customers can purchase two starter kits including a baseboard and front doors, with the choice of a Basic kit for $6 and a Deluxe kit for $10, to begin their building. In addition, customers can also purchase the delivery trucks for $10 each and a larger replica of a Woolworths electric delivery truck for $15. Additional Woolworths Bricks figurines will be available for $3. 'Woolworths Bricks is a fun and interactive way of learning at home that can spark conversations within families about sustainability; whether that's how materials like plastic or refrigerators can be given a second life, or how solar panels and electric car chargers are making a positive impact on the environment,' Mr Hicks said. Customers will have the option to drop pre-loved Bricks collectables to any Woolworths store to be recycled. The partnership with TerraCycle helps create a circular economy by aiding the creation of new items from the Woolworths Bricks, including park benches and garden beds.

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