Taylor Swift touches phone case in Belfast which appears on eBay within hours


Belfasttelegraph | 15°C [Belfast](/weather/) Premium A phone case touched by Taylor Swift on her visit to Belfast was put up for sale on eBay within a day of her departure. The personalised iPhone 12 holder went on sale for £200 plus postage on Monday, and within a few hours had attracted seven bids. The advert said that the case had been “touched by TAYLOR SWIFT”, and included a photograph of the global pop icon with a fan. However the planned sale provoked outrage among diehard fans of the singer, known as Swifties, and the post was later removed from the auction-style website. Swift was in Belfast to spend time with her actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn, who has been filming an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends in Northern Ireland. The pair and cast and crew members celebrated the shoot’s wrap with a visit to several Belfast nightspots. The party hired a private dining room in the upper house of Shu restaurant on the Lisburn Road on Thursday night, with the Shake It Off singer chatting to members of staff and posing for selfies. The following evening, Swift and Alwyn, along with cast and crew, attended a wrap party at the Tipsy Bird bar in the city centre. The multi-Grammy award-winning popstar danced throughout the evening and once again was happy to pose for selfies and meet the staff. Her visit was shrouded in secrecy, with staff at both venues told not to draw attention to her presence until the weekend had passed. Swift’s trip to Belfast created a huge buzz on social media among local and international fans. While many expressed excitement at bar and restaurant staff getting up close with the superstar, others were not so pleased at the attempt to sell the phone case she had touched. One angry Swiftie posted on Twitter: “Why??? I would frame that phone case or something to keep it safe. Honestly a real fan wouldn’t sell it.” But some more pragmatic fans pointed out it was unlikely the star would lose any sleep over the cancelled sale. Another Swiftie questioned the amount the phone case had been on sale for. “An object touched by Taylor is AT LEAST 2,000. If she’s gonna sell it, she should label it at a proper price,” they said. Get quick and easy access to the latest Northern Ireland news, sport, business and opinion with the Belfast Telegraph App.

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