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In a proceeding by the US agency NHTSA because of potential driver distraction due to the possibility of being a passenger games and internet browser on the central screen while driving to use, Tesla has pulled out of the affair in a perhaps typical way: After the NHTSA had initiated a preliminary examination, Tesla reportedly announced that the “Passenger Play” function would be deactivated with a recall via a software update. According to release notes quoted on Twitter But that doesn’t seem to be entirely correct – it should still be possible to play while driving, but only if you have previously proven yourself to be a passenger by operating the seat adjustment. This week, however, two new recalls became known, for which Tesla had to bring hundreds of thousands of its electric cars to the workshop in the classic way.
Model S and Model 3 with hardware recall
In fact, there are actually two new Tesla recalls twice. Because on this Thursday it was first announced that a good 356,000 Model 3 and 119,000 Model S had to be checked in the USA. A day later, the message from China followed that due to the same two problems, almost 200,000 Model 3 and Model S were being recalled. Most of the Model 3s are produced in the local Gigafactory, reported the Allgemeine Zeitung .
After the NHTSA information Regarding the US recalls, Model 3 is from 2017 to 2020. In it, a cable that transmits signals from the rear-view camera can be damaged by repeatedly opening and closing the trunk. This could cause the picture to fail, which is a security risk. According to Tesla, 356,309 Model 3 are potentially affected. They should all be checked, but only 1 percent of them assume a specific need for correction.
According to the NHTSA, the new recall applies to the Model S for those born between 2014 and 2021 – the refreshed Model S, which has been delivered in the USA since June, should also be included. In total, there are 119,009 vehicles in which the second bracket for the Frunk hood may not be correctly positioned. If you unlock the first bracket, the hood can therefore open while driving, which blocks the view to the front. According to Tesla, there have been multiple warranty repairs and reports of the problem, but no known accidents. The brackets in the Model S are now to be inspected and modified if necessary – for an expected 14 percent of the recalled vehicles.
Worldwide 675,000 Teslas are checked
In a similar numerical ratio, there were then the recalls of around 180,000 Model 3 and almost 20,000 Model S because of the same two problems in China. A total of around 675,000 Teslas have to go into the workshop worldwide. It shows that Model 3 from local production is also affected – read the Electrek Blog they even make up the clear majority with 144,208 pieces. Because Europe with Teslas from the USA and since last autumn initially supplied to Model 3 from China it is to be expected that the same callbacks will follow here as well. In the old year nothing was known about it at first.

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