The Gossip Girl effect – eBay reveals vintage cardigans in hot demand for aw21


The Gossip Girl effect – eBay reveals vintage cardigans in hot demand for aw21 New data from eBay Ireland reveals the fashion influence of Gossip Girl’s ‘It Girls’ has returned alongside the series’ revival. Emmy award-winning costume designer, Eric Daman, has been vocal about his use of thrifted pieces to style the trend-setting characters in the show’s new revival. And as the fresh cast of Upper East Siders were introduced on RTE last month, saw a coinciding 25% spike in searches for ‘vintage clothing’ as young viewers hunt down their own version of the preloved looks. The popularity for preloved pieces across the fashion category soared, but one item has captivated savvy eBay shoppers the most – the vintage cardi. New data from , reveals buttoned-up knitwear has been the most popular piece sought out by sustainable fashionistas on the marketplace, with a 22% increase in searches for vintage cardigans alone throughout September. The retro cardigan was a key wardrobe staple in this season’s Gossip Girl, with the ever-stylish Monet de Haan, Audrey Hope and Zoya Lott all sporting a version of the knit tailored to their different styles – from preppy to laid-back cool. Colin McCallion, eBay Ireland’s Head of Commercial Operations, says, “Witnessing how popular shows influence purchasing behaviour is something that is super interesting about working at eBay. Shows like Gossip Girl have a part to play in driving the demand we are seeing for preloved and vintage fashion purchases as customers look to make more conscious purchases for both the planet and their wallets.”

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